Reach new heights

by reaching more Customers.

Reach new heights by reaching more Customers.

Send better emails

AltosMail is an all-around automation mail marketing platform which can be fully integrated with any website!

It allows you to create and manage your mail marketing campaigns from start to finish, tracking your customer's behavior from the email all the way to your landing page and beyond!

Thanks to our *INSTANT editor and graphic reports it's simple, fast and automatic!

We have plenty of features that separate us from other mail marketing platforms:

  • Extended E-mail Tracking (EMT)

    Extended E-mail Tracking (EMT)

    Each morning you will receive a report about the user’s access to the website, any interesting behaviors, which keywords were used on google, which emails were sent automatically etc etc.
    It’s a tool for managers who want to monitor constantly the marketing performances and decide the next steps.

  • Lead scoring

    Lead scoring

    Assign automatic scores to each user, so that you can spot the “hottest” ones who are ready to buy a product/service or subscribe to a seminar.

  • Marketing automation

    Marketing automation

    Plan ahead entire campaigns by defining the events that trigger certain actions, with a perfect “time to market”.

And many more!

Take a look at this short overview video of AltosMail

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Unlimited online support

Unlimited online support

Active for 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, our online support system allows you to clear up any doubts by getting in touch directly with one of our experts.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

The marketing automation system allows you to plan the workflow of campaigns, so that you will be able to concentrate on performance analysis and on your business.



Customized settings to let you create messages of the highest quality. Your emails will have a higher chance of reaching their goal.

Compatible with your CMS

Forms for your landing pages and for subscriptions can integrate with your platform in just a few clicks.

CMS Open Source

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