Hit the nail on the head: Reach the right lead with the right promotion

Hit the nail on the head

The days of mass mailings with general subjects are long gone, so today it’s vital for a business to be capable of sending emails to specific customers, that target their individual interests, at a time when it would be the most appealing. All of this would be very complicated and time consuming without a platform like AltosMail, which allows you to do it all automatically.

Sending mail marketing campaigns through a platform like AltosMail brings many advantages, including:

  • A high opening rate
  • A high CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • A high conversion rate
  • Detailed lead profiles
  • A low unsubscription rate
  • A high engagement/loyalty
  • Higher sales

How these advantages are achieved is really quite simple!

Mass mail marketing is often inconclusive, similarly to when we enter a store and a clerk immediately starts trying to sell us all sorts of products, without trying to understand what we actually walked in for. Introducing a new lead to all our products and services can certainly be useful, but it’s absolutely vital that we use each interaction with them to understand what they are looking for, so that we can also improve how we communicate with them. Similarly to a professional salesman, who carefully monitors his potential customer trying to figure out what he wants, AltosMail monitors automatically each interaction that a lead has with our emails, landing pages or forms, constantly storing and updating this information into the lead’s profile. The specific interest of a lead towards the promoted product or service is what will result in a successful mail marketing campaign. Setting up AltosMail to automatically send the correct mail marketing promotions to the right leads is very quick and easy, thanks to the possibility of graphically drawing out the automatic message flowchart:

Marketing Automation Workflow

This flowchart can be planned and then activated with an initial mass mail marketing campaign, from which we can start the so called process of “segmentation”. This mechanism will allow us to gradually narrow down our customer base into different niches, to which we will be able to send specific newsletters based on how close we think they are to making a purchase. The main goal is to only send emails to leads that have shown a real and specific interest.

A real life example of this process could be the following:

  • A visitor comes to our website (whether it’s from a mail marketing campaign, a direct link, search engine, etc etc…) and visits the page of a product/service that he is interested in. Let’s say it’s a red dress.
  • He fills in a form where he is asked to leave his email if he wants to receive updates about the product or other promotions.
  • After 2 days he receives an email with a link to a different red dress, similar to the one he saw on his first visit. However, this dress has a 15% discount only for today and only for him, thanks to a voucher code found in the email that he will have to provide during the purchase.
  • A month later he will receive another email inviting him to check out another dress, similar to the ones he looked at before (maybe not red this time).

Another important skill that any good salesman must have is the ability to remember the names and faces of the people who come in his store, especially the ones who purchased something. This is why AltosMail allows you to place several tokens inside a message through a simple drag&drop function, which will be replaced automatically by specific details of each lead when the email is sent:


This means that certain details such as name, sex or any other important piece of data that they shared with us in the past, will be automatically specified in the message, giving the impression that we know them and what they want. Thanks to AltosMail they won’t feel like any lead, but like a valued customer:

Esempio Mail con Variabile

There are several aspects which allow a business to be successful, and a staff of salesmen that know their customers and their interests is certainly a very important one. AltosMail covers this role for online businesses, but most importantly it does so automatically, through quick and easy set ups.

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