Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is the most efficient way of evaluating a target during his decision making process which will lead him to the purchase or the conversion into a sales lead! As long as this score is low, the target can’t be considered a sales lead.

Altos Mail uses a registered calculator that each day assigns a score to each visitor. It only takes into account the last four weeks for each visitor, giving more importance to the last visits and more weight to the acceleration relative to the most recent days, all thanks to a particular moving average.

The parameters for these calculations consider the length of a visit, the number of pages visited, the number and type of conversions, the level of engagement, the intensity of the visits, the focus towards certain sections of our website, the date and time of the visits, the device used, etc etc…

All this data is sinthesized in a chart, in which the bubbles represent the number of leads who reached a certain score.

The level that separates mature leads from the ones that are not yet ready for a purchase can be modified by the marketer. The green bubbles represent mature leads (sales lead) who are in a final decisional phase, therefore they should be either contacted by your sales staff (B2B), or become the subject of certain activities aimed at directing the lead towards a particular purchase.

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