Why use web intelligence?

Leads and contacts within the CRM don’t have that much data (for example, a lead has less than 15 pieces of data and a contact less than 20 pieces of personal data) and usually have absolutely no data about behavior. On the other hand, data relative to the history of all the various negotiations (either running or completed) can be very detailed. Data about the negotiations usually includes dates, documents exchanged, meetings, offers and customer care interventions with all the relative initial and final offers.

These pieces of information are usually lacking in a mail marketing program, while there are many others missing in the CRM. For example, the mail marketing platform stores all the information about the reactions (call to action) that a target has to every single DEM campaign and after every single message inside a DEM campaign.

Usually however, the information about the target’s behavior after he receives a message, stop in the moment the target becomes a visitor of our website.

The information relative to his “customer journey” is all inside another system (usually called web analytics) which stores data from all our website’s visitors, regardless of where they come from and what they did to reach our website.

Sometimes the information which tells us where the visitor came from can be hard to find. It could be a URL which was not saved amongst the favorites, typed externally, originated from a QR code, a link on social media, an internal back link from an affiliate, a banner exchange campaign, from a reference inside a blog/forum, from Adwords campaigns, online advertisement, search engines, etc etc…

Knowing this information would be key when trying to plan certain campaigns aimed only at clusters of homogenous visitors, because their common characteristics allow us to reach them with the right message that they will appreciate and value.

This information is useful to improve the details and the profile of the ideal buyer (buyer persona). Meaning that we improve our knowledge about the optimal profile of a customer interested in our product.

In most cases mail marketing programs don’t take into account a person’s profile (buyer persona) which will be the ideal profile towards which we want to plan a particular DEM campaign (Direct Mail Marketing)

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