Using these APIs allows the visitor to be connected to the platform in a way which is “invisible” to him. More specifically, no authentication is asked to the visitor. Everything is handled through a connectionless Client (your platform)-Server (our platform) communication. Messages are exchanged through a AES-256-CBC code, therefore be sure to have the right functions capable of deciphering messages with this type of algorithm.

The authentication of the platform will take place after a request emitted with your username and a public key. This authentication allows you to request a token code, which is basically a randomly generated alphanumeric code. This code is then ciphered by our platform with a private key which will be delivered to you. With each token that you receive, you can perform at the most 1 task (The token expires and can no longer be used).

L’autenticazione della piattaforma avviene mediante una richiesta utilizzando l’username e una chiave pubblica. L’autenticazione permette di richiedere un codice Token, che altro non è che un codice alfanumerico generato in maniera randomica. Questo Token viene poi cifrato dalla nostra piattaforma con la chiave privata e a te consegnato. Per ogni Token che ricevi, puoi effettuare al massimo 1 operazione (Il Token scade e non puoi più riutilizzarlo).

Be sure to remember that the private key should never be made public. Only yours and our platforms must know it, which basically makes it your “personal password”.

You mainly have to go through two procedures:

  • Requesting the Token
  • Sending a request