Sending a request

To send a request to our platform you must follow this procedure:

  1. Be in possession of the Token that you deciphered in the previous phase
  2. Send a POST request with the following data:
    • “username”: The username delivered to you in order to access the platform
    • “key”: The public key
    • “data”: All the information about your request, where you must also provide the deciphered Token, using the parameter key “token”. The “data” parameter must be first converted in to JSON, ciphered with the algorithm AES-256-CBC (always using the private key) and finally coded with the Base64 algorithm, in order to avoid the loss of information due to the HTTP protocol.
  3. The request must be performed at an endpoint, specifically for each function.
  4. Decipher the answer using the AES-256-CBC algorithm and the private key.

Remember that for each request you will have to generate a new Token, otherwise the request will not be valid.