Campaigns represent the central mechanism for automating the support process of our marketing activities. All the various relevant modules are connected to the campaigns, such as assets, forms, emails and the rest. Campaigns can be created and launched at a specific date and time (defined by you) or as a response to certain actions taken by the lead.

Here are the types of campaigns:

Time Driven Campaign

These types of campaigns are about the timing as a consequence of certain events and they usually have to do with emails being sent. This means that they are set to be executed after a defined number of days from an event, or at a specific date in the future.

Lead Driven Campaign

These campaigns are executed based on certain actions taken by the leads. This includes actions such as a lead reaching a specific landing page, opening a particular e-mail, staying longer than a specified amount of time on a web page, or any other type of activity which we define. As a response to these actions we can decide to send them an e-mail immediately or at a pre-defined time in the future.

Mixed Campaigns

Thanks to our system, it is also possible to create campaigns which include aspects of both the lead and the time driven campaigns. This allows us to create a very powerful mix which will activate actions on specific dates, at certain points in time and after the lead performs certain actions.