By actions we mean all those elements which will be activated by the operator. These aspects manage and involve the leads included in the campaign. Examples of such actions are: modifying a lead’s score, moving a lead to a different campaign, associating the lead to a different list and last but not least sending an e-mail to the lead.

When creating a new campaign we can select one of these actions to start the workflow.

  • Adjust lead points: Allows for the adjustment of a lead’s score
  • Change campaigns: Allows to add or remove a lead from a campaign
  • Modify lead’s lists: Allows to add or remove a lead from a list
  • Push lead to integration: Allows to synch external platforms (I.e: CRM)
  • Send email: Allows to send an e-mail


All these actions allow for a delay prior to their execution, such as:

  • no pause: No delay
  • for interval: A set delay of minutes, hours, days, months or years of our choice
  • till date/time: A delay until a certain day/time

Once you have added an action it is more likely that you will also add a decision to your campaign.