Data Quality Analysis

A Data Quality Analysis allows you to create the following reports:

  • Data Quality Report: Shows you the quality of the data within your lead database
  • Data Performing Report: Shows you the amount of modifications done to your lead database
  • Data Values Report: Shows you the values found in your database for some types of fields (drop-down, Boolean, Timezone, Country, State)
  • Used Char Report: Shows you the special characters used in the lead database

To perform a Data Quality Analysis you must first perform at least one Data Consistency Analysis, and no duplicate or empty e-mails must be present.

To start a new analysis click on “Launch New Data Quality Analysis”. You can choose to stay during this analysis or leave this page, which will be automatically updated when the activity is finished.

You can perform more Data Quality checks as time goes by and new leads are added.

Once the Data Quality Analysis is done, you will be able to see all the data within the various reports. You can access the individual reports by clicking on the buttons on the top right-hand corner.

In some of these reports you can select a specific field. Just select the field and click on “Update”.