Bounced Emails

When the system can’t deliver an email we refer to it as a bounced email. Usually the most common error is a wrong email address or a domain that doesn’t exist. The total number of bounced emails can be seen directly in the statistics of the email:

Bounced Email Report


To see the details of the bounced emails click on the “Emails” button and select the desired email, which will give access to all the details of the email. At this point clicking on “Reports” will display further details about the bounced emails, where:

  • Description: General error description
  • SMTP Response: A text answer received during the send procedure, sent by the Mail Server. This gives a precise explanation of why the email was bounced.
  • Return Code: It’s the code of the error given by the SMTP protocol

Bounced Email Details


The same information can be seen by clicking on “Download” within the same page (Allows the download of an XLS document).

It’s also possible to create a detailed report of all the bounced emails, using the “Reports” module and creating a new report by selecting the “Bounced Emails” as “Data Source”.

When an email is sent, but it gets bounced by a specific Lead, the relevant information of why it happened can be found in the Lead’s folder: