E-mail Builder

The e-mail builder is a graphic interface which allows you to create an HTML e-mail through simple drag & drop tools.

It provides a quick and easy access to your resources, landing pages and other additional fields that are considered important or commonly used.

To activate this tool from the e-mail folder just click on “Email Builder”, chose the desired theme and then click on “Launch Email Builder”.

A new window will allow you to insert graphic elements in the pre-set frames.

On the right-hand side you will find the following blocks:

  • Lead Fields: Allows you to place dynamic fields that represent the lead’s information. This information will be automatically switched in when the e-mails are sent.
  • Extras
    • Unsubscribe Text: Allows you to place a URL and a text with the unsubscribe function
    • Unsubscribe URL: Allows you to place a URL with the unsubscribe function
    • Web View Text: Allows you to place a URL and a text to visualize the message on the web
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages: Allows you to place the URL of your landing pages. Otherwise you may set the URL of external pages by clicking on “External Link”.
  • Assets: Allows you to place a link for downloading a resource. This also allows you to keep the weight of your e-mails low, unlike attachments.