E-mail Preview

The preview of an e-mail will allow you to visualize immediately the information regarding the success or failure of a particular e-mail. You will be able to quickly glance at the information relative to the opening of the e-mail, how many were viewed, how many bounced, the amount of clicks and other important statistics.

Three types of reports are available based on the three different types of lists: The actual list of e-mails sent (Final Send: Lead Lists comparison), the seed list (Seed Lists: Lead Lists comparison) and the test list (Test Lists: Lead Lists comparison).

On the right-hand side you will notice the “Emai Status” box, which represents the status of the e-mail’s sending process:

  • Status: At which point of the sending process you are. “Standby”: The system is not doing any activity. “Regenerating Lists…”: The system is calculating the amount of receivers. “Sending…”: The system is sending out the messages.
  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): Shows how much time is left until all the e-mails have been sent. Even if no “send” button has been pushed yet, the system shows a simulation of the time necessary for the actual process.
  • Email To Send: The e-mails that will actually be sent.
  • Total List Leads: The number of leads available in the lists, with the exception of the leads which are associated to “Opt Out”, “Do Not Call” or “Do Not Contact”.
  • Total List Leads (Unique): Similar to “Total List Leads” but it counts unique leads for the e-mail.
  • Opt Out: Leads who have flagged the “Opt Out” option.
  • Do Not Call: who have flagged the “Do Not Call” option.
  • Do Not Contact: Leads who have a “Do Not Call” status.


The “Opt Out”, “Do Not Call” and “Do Not Contact” values are set as a “#” for the Test List, because sending to test lists does not take these values in to consideration.

The “Recipient Lists” box, always found on the right-hand side, allows you to know how many leads are included in the lists. In the title you will have the possibility of knowing the number of lists which have been included (Lists) and the total number of leads (Leads).

You will also be able to see the total number of leads present in each list which has been included and what type of list it is (Send List, Test List, Seed List).

The “Sent History” box shows you the timeline of all the e-mails sent.