Email results

You can see email results by clicking on the “Reports” button.

Email reports are divided into blocks:

Funnel Report

In the report funnel, a summary of email statistics appears to the left. The statistics on the left are then summarized in the Funnel chart on the right that indicates the performance of the message.

  • Sending List: All the lead of the lists associated with the message, counted only once when an email has been or has not been sent yet. The Lead List or Seed List leads are not counted. Included Leads with Opt Out = Yes, Do Not Call = Yes, Unsubscribe = Yes, Blacklisted = Yes
  • Email Sent: All the emails that have actually been sent by the system; Bounced emails are not included, as email was nevertheless sent, though it has not been delivered to destination. Failed emails are emails that were not sent due to a source or destination error.
  • Email Arrived: All the emails that have actually been delivered: Email Arrived = Email Sent – Email Bounced
  • Unique Email Read: Number of Lead counts only once when they opened the email: That is, the number of Leads that has displayed the tracking pixel.
  • Unique Email Clicks (Landing Pages): Number of Leads counted once for each clicked Landing Page, this means that if the same Lead clicks on two different Landing Pages, it counts twice. If the same Lead clicks on the same Landing Page multiple times it would be counted once.

The Parameter column represents the description of the data, Qta represents the quantity, % vs Email Sent represents the percentage referring to the number of emails sent, % Relative represents the percentage compared to the previous line, ie: Unique Email Clicks (Landing Pages) related to Unique Email Read; Unique Email Read related to Email Arrived; Email Arrived related to Email Sent; Email Sent related to the Sending List.