• CTA: (Call To Action): The action which the lead is intended to take when it receives an e-mail.
  • Landing Page: It’s the page of our website where the lead is taken to after performing the intended CTA. An example of a CTA could be found inside an e-mail, inviting the lead to click on an icon or an image (for example to “find out more” or “download now”), which would take them to the page of our website where this action could actually take place.
  • Lead scoring: It’s a point based scoring system, resulting from an algorithm that evaluates some of the lead’s behaviors when visiting our website. Such behaviors include the type of page visited, actions taken within the page, actions taken inside the member area, the duration of the visits, as well as the frequency, amount and depth of the visits.
  • Tracking Statistics: These statistics are based on the quantity and type of CTAs that our lead performs. This is with regards to both the e-mail that he received and later on our website.
  • White Paper: This name is due to the lower level of graphic touch and finishing applied. Despite this, they are still very important for establishing the authority of the author and the content. They don’t generally hold any marketing value, they just describe and explain the results of the research or study.