Instant Autosaves

Instant Editor saves your email every 3 minutes so that you can restore it when you want. When the email has been auto-saved you will see a message like this: “A copy of this email has been auto-saved.”.

If you would like to restore an email just click on the lifebelt on your Instant Editor. From the popup window you can restore the autosave you want by clicking on “Restore”:

Columns are:

  • Date & Time: Date and time of the autosave
  • Email: This column can be “New” or can contains the name of your email. If it’s “New” means you was creating a new email that was not still saved. Otherwise the autosave was taken after you’ve already saved the email.
  • Restore: Click here to restore the email. Please pay attention because unsaved changes will be lost and they will be overwritten by the restored email.