Create A/B Testing Pages

It’s possible to create an indefinite number of A/B testing pages just by clicking on “Add A/B Test”. This will allow you to modify the original page by making all the visual changes and modifications that you wish to apply. On the right-hand side is where you will be able to define all the rules of the test:

  • Traffic Weight: This value is expressed as a percentage and it represents the amount of traffic which will have visited each variable of the page. This system is crucial for A/B tests. For example, a value of 50 will mean that 50% of visits happened on this page. If, let’s say, there are two more versions of which the second is 30% and the third is 20%, this will mean that the first (main) page will be visualized 50% of the time, the second 30% and the third 20% of the time.
  • A/B test winner criteria: Allows you to set the criteria by which a variable of the test will be deemed more successful. For example:
    • Download rate: Asset download rate
    • Submission rate: Rate at which forms are filled in and submitted
    • Lowest Bounce Rate: Lowest number of “rebounds”
    • Longest dwell Time: Longest time spent on a page
    • Published: If set on “Yes” the landing page will be active
    • Publish at: and time at which the page will be published
    • Unpublish at: Date and time when the page will no longer be published