Field Management

The field management page allows you to see all the existing fields for the leads, along with any new fields created.
Notice the group identification column; It shows you where the specific field will be seen in the lead’s profile. The last column shows the protected fields (shown with a lock). These fields with the lock cannot be removed because they are within the core of the software. The second icon shows you if it’s possible to use the field in the search box.

Published Fields:
The “v” icon shows which fields are public.

New Fields:
It is possible to create new fields while specifying their type and the group to which they belong. This defines the group in which a field is shown when visualizing and modifying a lead.

Types of Fields:

The types of fields available are:

  • Boolean: It is possible to select only the “Yes” or “No” options
  • Date: It is possible to select a date
  • Date/Time: It is possible to select a date and time
  • Email: An e-mail address
  • List – Country: List of countries
  • List – Region: List of regions/provinces
  • List – Timezone: List of the different Time zones
  • Lookup: Allows you to create a field which is filled automatically, allowing you to see the data placed previously in the same field. Otherwise you can add some predefined data separated by <|>.
  • Number: Number
  • Phone: Phone number
  • Select: of choices. Insert the possible options in the “Options” field, separated by <|>.
  • Text: text block
  • Time: Selection of only the time
  • URL: Placement of a URL


In the “Default Value” field it’s possible to place a default value. Through the “Order” field you can set the order in which to visualize data inside the lead’s folder.

On the right-hand side of the field it’s possible to chose several options:

  • Published: If the field is active or not
  • Required: If the field is mandatory
  • Visible on forms: If it’s possible to use the field in the forms
  • Available for smart lists: If the field is available in the search box