Action Points

Action points determine the increase or decrease of a lead’s score after he/she performs certain actions.

To create new ones, access the menu “Action Points”, then click on “Points” > “Manage Points” and finally click on “New”.

In the “Change Points” fields you can add points to the lead by placing a positive number, or reduce his/her points by placing a negative number.

You can also set the action which will modify the score through the field named “When a lead…”. This will allow you to apply a score to the following actions:

  • Download an asset: In case the lead downloads a resource
  • Is sent an email: In case an e-mail is sent to the lead
  • Opens an email: If the lead opens an e-mail
  • Submits a form: If the lead fills out a form
  • Visits a landing page: If the lead visits a certain landing page
  • Visits specific URL: In case the lead visits a certain URL