“Triggers” are events that are executed based on the score reached by a lead. In practical terms, when a lead reaches a predetermined minimum score, the trigger is activated and a subsequent action begins.

When you create a trigger, you can apply it to all the existing leads, or make it so that the trigger will be activated when new leads are added to the system.

To create a new trigger just click “Points”, then “Manage Triggers” and finally on “New”. Type in a distinctive name for your new trigger in the “Name” field, and if you’d like, a description of this trigger in the “Description” field.

In the field named “Minimum number of points” you can type in the minimum score that needs to be reached for this trigger to be activated. You can also set a color in the “Lead Color” field, which will allow the leads who reach that trigger score to appear with that particular color.


Setting to “Yes” the field “Trigger for existing applicable leads upon saving (if published)” means that the trigger will be activated whenever an existing lead to whom the trigger can be applied gets saved. If instead, this field is set on “No” (default setting) the trigger will be activated only for new leads.

In the “Events” folder you can define the events which have to be set off by the trigger. To add a new event just click on “Add an event”, which will allow you to chose from the following existing options:

  • Modify lead’s campaigns: Allows you to add or remove the lead from a campaign
  • Modify lead’s lists: Add or remove the lead from a list
  • Push lead to integration: Apply actions of integration with other platforms (e.g.: Adding the lead in the CRM)
  • Send an email: Send an e-mail