Create a Form

A form is made up of a series of fields which can be set appropriately, based on the occasion. These fields will be filled out by the lead. To create a new form use the menu on the left-hand side by clicking on “Forms”, then “Manage Forms” and finally on “New”.

You will be shown three folders:

  • Details: Basic information about the form
  • Fields: The list of fields you wish to add to the form
  • Actions: The actions which will be triggered once a lead fills out the form

Details: in the “Name” field type in a name to identify the form. In the “Successful Submit Action” field select which type of action should be triggered once a lead fills out the form. Such as:

  • Return to form: Redirect to another form
  • Redirect URL: Redirect to a generic URL
  • Display Message: Redirect to a page displaying a specific message

Fields: To add a new field, click on “Add a Field”. Here you will be able to add all the types of fields previously described in the “Manage Fields” chapter, along with other additional fields such as:

  • Captcha question: Allows you to add a captcha code, protecting you from spam
  • Checkbox group: Allows you to create a checkbox group
  • Radio group: Allows you to create a “radio button” group
  • Description area: Allows you to add a text box
  • Hidden: Allows you to add a hidden field (mainly for technical purposes)

Clicking on the three buttons on the right-hand side will allow you to place the fields in the desired order.

Actions: To add a new action, click on “Add a submit action”, which in turn will allow you to chose between the following options:

  • Adjust lead’s points: Allows you to modify the lead’s score
  • Create/update lead: Either creates or updates a lead with the information from the form
  • Modify lead’s lists: Modifies the list to which a lead is associated (add or remove the lead from a list)
  • Download an asset: Allows for the download of a resource
  • Push lead to integration: Gives a way to bring the lead on the integrated platforms (for example: CRM)
  • Send email to lead: Allows you to send an email to the lead
  • Send email to user: Allows you to send an email to one of the users of the platform.

On the right-hand side of the folder you will find various options, such as:

  • Published: If you wish to enable the form, click on “Yes”
  • Publish at: Set the date and time when the form will be published
  • Unpublish at: Set the date and time when the form will no longer be published
  • Theme: Use this only when the form has to be included in a pop-up or in the iframe ( iframe is usually used to show the content of a web page inside a box within another new page) to give it a certain graphic style