Create a list

To create a new list go to “Leads”, then “Manage Lists” and finally click on “New”. In the “Name” field type in a specific name to identify the list, and if you want you can also add a description of the list in the “Description” field. The field named “Alias” allows you to create a second name, similar to a nick-name, which can be used for future reference in the lead’s search box. If this field is left empty an Alias will be created automatically.
On the right-hand side you will be able to decide whether the list is public (“Public List” set on “YES”) and if the list is active (“Published” set on “YES”).
Inside the “Filters” folder you can create new filters by clicking on “Add Filter” and selecting the desired field. This allows you to add the leads to the list dynamically, which means that when the conditions are changed you will have a different group of leads.
If you wish to create a test list just set the “Test List” flag on “YES”, otherwise on “NO”. If you wish to create a Seed List, set the “Seed List” flag on “YES”, otherwise on “NO”. You can create both a Test List and a Seed List by setting both flags on “YES”.
For further information on Test Lists and Seed Lists read the “Send Test” and “Send to Seed List” chapters.