The Base Module

On top of the standard Mail marketing functions, the base module also includes:

  • Responsive emails
  • Creation of forms, web landing pages, unsubscribe, subscribe, privacy, forwarding, change profile, etc…that can all be used within AltosMail (minisite on top of the main one) or “transferred” to the main website. Any HTML page that is transferred will synchronize all the data collected with AltosMail’s customer base.
  • Creation of templates, editing of word-like content, use of HTML including CSS, direct import of web pages.
  • Email template editing.
  • Importing lists directly from Excel and Open Office with the relevant keyboard coding, regarding alphabet and language, through a guided 4 step procedure to avoid stress and mistakes.< li>
  • Creation of more than 10,000 custom fields, of 7 different possible types (date, hour, text, number, scroll, Boolean, currency).
  • Creation of dynamic lists that can be filtered by logic operations on all custom fields.
  • Placement of all custom fields within a newsletter and the subject.
  • Automatic feed of special custom fields.
  • Seed list so that statistics won’t be altered.
  • Test list to request approval
  • Report with bounced, opened e-mails, CTR, individual for each lead list and for each CTA.
  • A/B tests and multivariable tests
  • Connectability with the client’s web site through API, Web Services, Iframe and interactive forms.
  • Online user’s manual
  • Antispam Control
  • Data Quality

AltosMail also includes a web analytics tool which is specialized in lead generation that can be activated by placing the appropriate script in the web site (or web sites). This will allow:

  • Tracking sessions of anonymous visitors.
  • Tracking sessions of registered visitors from the customer base.
  • Complete navigation tracking, from the first click in the email to all the funneling of the lead’s visit.
  • Adding tracking data among the lead’s information.
  • Checking reports, tables and pre-programmed dashboards which were specifically designed for lead generation.